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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Is your kid formal school ready

Time of the year has come again. The time wheel has rotated 360 degree and here comes the frantic parent sweating, queing, phocopying, wondering and anxiously biting their nails! The rush has gone beyond the expectations

AAHHH! Its admission time again

Dear parents, Kindly understand a good pre school gives your child a strong base towards building a good human being just as the foundation gives to a house. Primary education is as important as formal education. so choose your play school wisely. Apart from seeing it as a burden try to see it as an investment for your child's future. Please make sure the play school you choose should meet the following requirements.

A. The atmosphere should be home-like so that your child takes less time to adjust and adapt.

B. The staff should be trained to handle child psychology and most importantly loving towards every child. The maids and guards should be verified as well.

C. The school must be having proper ventilation as less ventilation or a closed school may create some serious threat to tiny tots in future.

D. The curriculum should be age appropriate and as per their mental age.

E. The security and safety of your child should be the prime focus for you and for the school as well.

F. Please understand that physical growth not necessarily mean that your child has attained the same mental age as well. Let the child remain a child for some more time.

G. Never compromise a good pre-formal education to your child on cost-cutting mode. Quality education comes for a price.

So, exercise your right to pick and choose wisely. HAPPY PARENTING