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Thursday, 5 October 2017

catch the time

विभा बड़बड़ा रही थी और घर के काम किसी तरह निपटा रही थी | जब मन में गुस्सा हो तो किसी काम में मन कहाँ लगता है | कामवाली ने विभा दीदी का मूड देखा तो पुछा - क्या हुआ दीदी | माँजी से कोई बात हो गयी क्या | नहीं तो |तू जल्दी हाथ चला | कामवाली जल्दी जल्दी काम निपटा के मांजी के सर में तेल डालने चली गयी |

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Pre-schools vs Formal schools

Case -1

Parent:- Why the hell i should pay you fee of February and March if my child is already admitted in a good formal school. It is a wastage of my hard earned money. Give me certificate for my child attended your school for six months.

School:- Sir, The certification can be issued to the parent only fulfillment of rules. One of which is to submit fee till march and second being child completing the class till session ends. Certificate can't be issued if the child stops attending midway.

Result of this conversation:- Parent goes on google and write the worst kind of review of school and spreads cheap rumors about the school and management.


Parent:- You are a pre-school and you are not supposed to make such rules. I will not pay fee of May-June and Feb-March collectively. I will pay individually only. If you are okey with my condition, i will enroll my child with you otherwise...
School:- OK sir, your wish and our command (all because we want admission to survive). The reality is that half of parents either don't pay fee of June(because these are summer holidays and his child is not coming to school and march (because by 15th, school gets over) or fight with the management.

Result of this conversation:- The said parent informs two more parents and other parents too avail the same facility and school is bound to oblige even while bearing loss because they all threaten to withdraw admissions.


Parent:- "Chote bachoon ki padhai hoti hi kya hai jo aap itne paise le rahe ho" Aap to loot rahe ho.

School:- Sir, Making small kids study and understand is more tough and consumes more time & effort. We regularly invest in informative educations toys and equipment. We regularly train our teachers to better equip them to handle toddlers understanding their physical and psychological needs. We install CCTV in every nook & corner of school. We are giving live stream of CCTV to parents. We buy only RO water for our kids. We provide food which is all organic. Apart from them, we provide whole lots of facilities to parents and kids as well. How we are supposed to finance them if not through fess. It is all for your benefit and your ward's well being.

Result of this conversation:- The inquiry doesn't turn in to admission.


Parent:- Chote bache to aapas me maarte hi hain. Mera bacha thoda sa shaitaan hai.

School:- Sir, as we have shown you CCTV footage as well, Your child is pushing other kids and after that sitting on their chests. Small kids have very small wind pipe and food pipes, it can be serious for any other child. Moreover, when we tell him not to do so he replies that his father has told him that he can do whatever he wants because his father is paying the money to school.

Result of this conversation:- The parent withdraws admission and threaten to write against school because he is in Amar Ujala Newspaper. then he writes very bad  about school on google.

These are a few instances of parents' behavior towards pre-schools where parents misbehave with schools. As a pre-school owner, I pledge to provide good quality education, safety and security to my kids but where are my rights? When Our PM Shri Narendra Modi Ji talk of startup's we are lacking in the finance backup from the government. If any of people like us dare to start our own ventures by taking loans on our golds and properties, may i have the privilege to know our rights as well. I personally have witnessed lots of misbehavior and misrepresentation of the schools by parents. There are no rules and regulations for pre-schooling in India, no curriculum and no standard practices, no governing body. We also need a governing body.

One side of the coin is this but another flip side is almost all big brand private schools have opened their pre schools which lure students from very tender age citing direct admission in formal schools and thus eating business of small pre schools. Does CBSE permit them to open and extend their franchise to pre school sector. If not, how they are opening them. If so, They are directly eating a small sector of pre schools. If someone doesn't have big bucks to invest in formal school.  The preschools in the organised space(brand extensions of big schools) are making a total difference in the spectrum as they offer a scientific basis for their execution model and offer personalized and professional approach.
Today opportunities in preschools are increasing due to the increasing awareness of parents about the need of preschool in a child’s development. Another reason is shrinking families that are looking for the options for their children. Also, the ability to pay for quality education has improved in India in the last few years. Now there is a demand for better facilities and trained staff coming in. Earlier preschool means parking the child when you do not have anyone to look after them. Now parents are looking at preschool beyond this but still a lot has to be done on the awareness level. 

Problems of pre-school sector in India:-

a. Unorganized sector with no common standard practices and standardized curriculum. The schools should have a research-based curriculum, which is constantly upgraded towards better delivery of education and development. These organised preschool chains should have standard operating practices (SoP) and business practices.
b. Pre education of one year should be a must before formal schooling.
c. Big brand schools should not be allowed to open their kindergarten schools.
d. There should be a proper governing body for pre-school education just like CBSE.
e. All schools should be registered with the governing body.
f. No school should be allowed to run without the registered license to get from the governing body.
g. Keeping in mind the safety and security of child, every school should follow certain rules for fire etc.
h. fee should be decided as per the facilities provided by schools and the governing body should decide that.
i. Government can decide to provide free study material or any other aid whichever it deems suited.
j. Some seats can be reserved for poor kids and can be educated on less price provided it is funded by the government.
k. If all these things are implemented, quality of education can be improved in India.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Is your kid formal school ready

Time of the year has come again. The time wheel has rotated 360 degree and here comes the frantic parent sweating, queing, phocopying, wondering and anxiously biting their nails! The rush has gone beyond the expectations

AAHHH! Its admission time again

Dear parents, Kindly understand a good pre school gives your child a strong base towards building a good human being just as the foundation gives to a house. Primary education is as important as formal education. so choose your play school wisely. Apart from seeing it as a burden try to see it as an investment for your child's future. Please make sure the play school you choose should meet the following requirements.

A. The atmosphere should be home-like so that your child takes less time to adjust and adapt.

B. The staff should be trained to handle child psychology and most importantly loving towards every child. The maids and guards should be verified as well.

C. The school must be having proper ventilation as less ventilation or a closed school may create some serious threat to tiny tots in future.

D. The curriculum should be age appropriate and as per their mental age.

E. The security and safety of your child should be the prime focus for you and for the school as well.

F. Please understand that physical growth not necessarily mean that your child has attained the same mental age as well. Let the child remain a child for some more time.

G. Never compromise a good pre-formal education to your child on cost-cutting mode. Quality education comes for a price.

So, exercise your right to pick and choose wisely. HAPPY PARENTING