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Friday, 15 January 2016

The ABC chart of parenting

Kids grow up too fast!!! When i was a teenager, my mom would say to everyone who happens to talk about kids- it looks like she was in my arms bundled in a wrap just yesterday and now that she has grown up too fast...it is almost unbelievable!!! ...Needless to say, every parent has the similar kind of feelings for their kids though their expressions may be different and their language and pet phrases.....

Kids grow and so their demands from life! Their horizons
expand and their priorities change! We celebrate birthdays, we go on holidays, we celebrate festivals and share our lives with each other and the child is exposed to life outside his protected world where he can be anything when he grows up! His dreams get a new direction whenever everyone asks him-what do you want to be when you grow up? And with every passing day, the child's desires about his future lays a foundation in his heart, mind and eyes; on some days he wants to be a doctor, the next he assumes himself to be a future engineer, one day he sees himself becoming a sports person because he loves Sachin Tendulkar, the other day he wants to be next Shahrukh Khan but we as parents are too busy in the growing demands transcending from childhood to adulthood, that we leave his future in destiny's hands. With every celebration of his birthday, his dreams and the cost of education is skyrocketing! Now the question arises is as and when my child is ready to leave his cozy nest, am i as a parent equipped to sponsor his fantasies in to a solid reality.....

I completely agree with the rising cost of living and a decorum to maintain a certain lifestyle leaves us with scanty of money but the question is that -Are we ready to sacrifice the dreams of my children for the sake of a comfortable present or is ready for certain responsible steps to secure their future? Or are my children gonna sacrifice their dreams and simply earn their bread and butter and remain mediocre with a less deserving opportunity because their parents neglected crucial part of their responsibilities towards their kids. As a mother, even the thought shakes me UP!! and it reminds me my duties as a guardian that some concrete steps must be taken at the right time to make my children's future rock solid. Lets check if we have achieved #DoYourHomework checklist perfectly!

Parenting has become a sort of professional training these days with kids getting lots of exposure from outside their homes with a dubious mix of vices and virtues under no responsible guidance (read internet/media here!) and parents juggling in their professional duties and being parents and schools taking no steps to boost moral teachings, the parents have to work overtime to balance the process of parenting! The sole reason i call parenting a process is that it's never ending and always grows with every passing moment and you learn to live through it...and the saying that once you become a mother, you get complete , purely reflects how you can think and act in all the directions concerning your children simultaneously is not an exaggeration et all. 

On the emotional front, I teach my kids to protect themselves physically (from physical injuries), emotionally (from any emotional blackmailing or emotional abuse or vulnerability) and spiritually (by changing/interrupting my kid's thought process by any emotional jolt or cheating). I help them set a vision for themselves and step forward with the focus, to ensure they respect and value money i give them some allowance monthly. I let them find the balance between hard work and gratifications and let them decide their own decision with just some basic guidelines and ensure they take the responsibility of their acts and stand tall with their victories or failures. I ensure that their self assurance remain intact however hard they fail but surge to rise with timely reality checks! Am i on the same page as my kids!

Though, Budgeting is a big word  for a non commerce graduate like me, i initially learnt the meaning of this word from saving my pocket money and all the money i got from our relatives in my piggy bank. But i seriously do take this word of much importance in my everyday life where my kids are concerned;wherein i try to strike a balance between my expenses and my income and i pre-plan to save a fixed amount in every particular month depending on the type of expenses to be incurred in that month...like i distinguish between necessity expenditure and luxury expenditure say the expenses incurred on meeting basic requirements like food, shelter, clothing, rent, electricity or phone bill etc. Luxury expenditures are those expenditures which are unnecessarily done just to compete with a set of people or to show off our rising status or simply to make them feel jealous that we still can afford it...plus i keep a tab on my splurging habits...With sale season on...i try to choose products which otherwise i would get at double prices and i also purchase my groceries from a wholesale market that also provide you further discount coupons and cash backs.....More so, i plan in advance for the impending festivals and gifts to be given to relatives which i mostly pick in sale season this way, my savings almost remain neutral throughout the year and i don't feel burdened in festival season or cut down on my sharing and happiness....Secondly, as a parent, i stay away from poor spending habits but are these small savings are enough to patron my children when they plan to pursue their choice of education. More so, what will happen after eighteen years when my child is ready for it and what so if my resources are scanty or i am unprepared because as parent i lacked in preparing for my homework? In the past, i have seen our parents to run for arranging funds to sponsor our college fees because they were unprepared because they lived in a  dreamworld that they can rely on their immediate family or relatives in their contingencies but the reality hit them in urgencies.....the fact is that in today's day and age , everybody is self-sufficient and doesn't have spare money to help. Even if they have, nobody is willing to part with their hard-earned money so why let your self-respect a jolt asking for money and depreciate your image in society as non-planners for future.....

So, i adapted to some ways and completed my homework of being a parent:-

  • The best way to increase your bank balance is to not dwell on past mistakes or to repeat them. Instead, look towards your savings-inclined future. A detailed overview of future needs along with Market survey, comparison strategies and best returns are to be kept in mind as for the time when my child needs funds backup!
  • More so when i choose investments, i share my saved money with fixed and floating asset group so that in case of emergency, the cash can be readily available, these are called asset class segregation. The categorization of various assets open for investment mainly for their same specific nature of characteristics are called asset classes. No asset class is complete in itself having pros and cons and the best should be decided by the investor according to his needs of sure fixed returns, safe investment, liquidity in emergencies, amount and duration of investment, nature of investment and risk level...so a mix of investment in different asset classes is advisable to wisely allocate your money for best returns. 
  • As a parent, How much i need to pay monthly/annually to receive long run benefits for my kids as and whenever they need; Is there any provision to withdraw the money in between the periods i mentioned while taking my policy; Are there any additional premium benefits my child can avail; What are the benefits my child is gonna draw; Are there any hidden costs which can pop up later.....

I have secured my kids and saved my loyalties with Axis Mutual Fund and you too can by visiting here  which has detailed information to ensure a secured future for your kiddo. For me, Axis Mutual Funds have turned out to be a Soul-friend who brought me to the same page as my kids because soul friends are locked at the heart, written in the heavens, and promised to find one another when the time is right. it's an unspoken promise that i will hold and support you till extreme, won't let you scatter under any circumstance and keep the companionship going till the breadth takes us apart. So Its best to save your loyalties with a trustworthy partner who never fails to lift you when you feel down and trust them in your emergencies than any tom-dick and Harries. So Parents #DoYourHomework ! Meanwhile you do your homework, don't let your kids waste a moment of their formative years, engage them with stories books, crossword books and Oh so colorful painting books! Did i forget to mention the brilliant Homework app ! 

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