Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Meet the fantasizer of my life

life is considered ecstasy for a kid who is blessed with loving and reverential parents . Though both the parents are equally amiable for a kid , on one hand mother is quite expressive of her love and her expectations from a child while on the other a father in many cases is not vocal for his dreams that he has espied ever since the child is born... Being a  mother of two, i myself can say that dream bubble goes on escalation with the child growing up day by day. Though i am equally attached to both my parents but when i have to choose one, i am a bit partial towards my father. we both share a peculiar bond that however bad my surrounding or however big my problems are, i can undeniably count on my father to show me the beam. Being a brilliant

Saturday, 27 June 2015

stress-ful vs success-ful

I am the world, 
I am the universe, 
I am oxygen to mankind 
I am a strong base, 
I am omnipresent, 
I am versatile,
I have superpowers,
I am superwoman, 
I nurture, i protect,
I rotate, i resurrect,
I obey, i correct,
I live in every heart,
I am in every tiny bit.....
Yes!!! I am a woman!!!!! 

A woman in itself is a vast onomastics that describing the word and the hidden powers within may erupt a global discussion

Sunday, 21 June 2015

the perfect home

The biggest disadvantage of being born in a typical Punjabi family is that you get to eat the highest calorie packed, highest oil-injected and highest spice-oriented food all the time ever since your body allows you to eat food other than milk. You get to eat shallow fried, deep fried and what not fried that you simply grow up on the flavors each food item dishes out. You get so accustomed to the ever happening tadka and non-veg being prepared at home that

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Yuck story

I am a cleaning freak that sometimes my known tell me that i am insane at times when i can't take it easy with any litter or my house getting dirty and scattered... seriously, i can't stand my house disorganized or stinky!!! Irony stuck me when

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Father- my unshakable rock

Fathers are the synergy behind all the deadlocks we face in life, fathers are the epitomes of conviction behind every risk we undertake, fathers are the investors who full insure and cover all our insecurities and fears, fathers are the sweet and sour tamarind we taste whenever we have a downfall, fathers are the best supporters however blunders we commit, fathers are the spine which hold us from intersperse and tearing apart,fathers are the best connoisseur of our faults and defaults....


My father was as excited as my mom to hear about my arrival even though he was already a father to my two elder siblings. He even applied for one month leave after calculating the D-Day in advance.He used to feed my momma according to doctor's prescription and won't let her work at a stretch. He even arranged for a full time

Sunday, 14 June 2015

my father...the dreamer

8:00 P.M. everyone including the kids of the house are watching Cartoons and laughing infectiously while the woman of the house is in kitchen preparing dinner for the family.....Suddenly the bell rings and the boy frantically gets up from the sofa, switches off television and both the kids take their books in their hands and grandmother gets up to answer the door...such was terror of the man of the house because he is home!!!! 

This is exactly what used to happen in my home when we were kids. The alarm clock was set to ring ten minutes before the arrival time of my father, my mom used to clean the house once again, kids were given an ultimatum that their father is about to arrive anytime, we were threatened to do the work as per our mom or mom would simply say "let your father come then" ......though my father was a nice man but a disciplinarian but as a perpetual custom, moms and grand moms are known to scare kids away with the mention of their fathers to either do homework or stop fighting with each other or simply switching off television.... as per my intelligence can detect and discover, with the birth of humanity on earth, Fathers have been considered the terrorists of the house because their such images are build by the moms, grand moms, grand grand moms and kids never ever got the chance to discover their fathers through their own eyes and wit.....

Saturday, 13 June 2015

from lyrics to moves

In today's day and age, life has become synonymous with dullness, anxiety, tensions and what not!!!!! so how do you wind up guys?????? these days we plan in advance as to how will will relax and rejuvenate the coming weekend....so how do you???? 

a) going to a friend's place....

b) calling your buddies over to your place....

c) Catching up with your sleep or pending household works....

d) watching a new release at a near theater....

e) going to an electrifying live concert....

well, everyone has different tastes and inclinations for spending their precious weekend but for me

sensation unlimited

We go through a variety of emotions in our routine life ranging from love, laughter, hatred, jealousy, anger, regret, passion, frustration, anguish, insecurities blah blah blah..that sometimes so many emotions get clubbed that we just don't have the patience to sort it out so either we burst out with anger or in sobs because of lack of options to vacate the pent up emotions from within!!!!! so, it is advisable not to do

Friday, 12 June 2015

finding my identity to turn in to a YRF Diva bride

Since childhood, we hear all ladies including moms, grannies, aunties, buas, mausis sitting and chatting how they would dress and dance in the marriage of the kids of the house ranging from the eldest to the youngest...no partialities indeed <3 ...they discuss the to-be-marriage of their favorite kid as if its gonna happen tomorrow with so much engrossment and curosity that the child being discussed actually starts visualizing his/her wedding and the kid whose marriage is discussed would be listening to the details mesmerized and fascinated.....so the dreams of one getting married one day decked up satiny and lustrous outfits, heavy jewelery, flowered pandaals committed to the most beautiful partner keeps oozing in your mind's flashback time and again and you start waiting for the day eagerly....
Same happened with me either....but with a twist....everything was perfect among a flaw.....the social flaw......

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I am alone in relationship

Whenever i Google something on Internet, the most searched keywords are love and relationships......with the relationships getting complex and friable; and the egos and attitudes getting massive,every second person searches the Internet for either relationship advice or understanding relationships....... be it understanding the other partner or solving their troubles cropping up......Though relationship is a mutual agreement by two consenting individuals who partner with each other to share their lives either temporary or permanent but why is it so that in majority of liaisons, one partner is the isolated one while the other is oblivious of the situation...why is it so that in a relationship which involves two people voluntarily, one is not et all happy and content while the other keeps changing his objectives of happiness and repletion....what if one partner wanna talk to another and the latter isn't simply interested... the latter may simply reject the proposal which may have many reasons for the person dismissing siting reasons like :

a. he/she may say that the time of stupid talks is over, we are mature individuals not mushy teenagers.

b. he/she may say

Saturday, 6 June 2015

how to deal a heart break in my way

yes, the first apple, the apple of love is definitely the most eaten apple around the world followed by the other two apples. In an age where emotions and relationships are as fragile as fine bone china where even a fraction of disturbances of ego and attitude is more than enough to strike a cacophony, where you take relationships as objectives of selfish use, self-contentment, show-off, impasse and ultimately goal-oriented and driven by motives; where the threads of love,trust and respect are fugitive. If one relationship is over, people tend to look for another forgetting the inestimable moments and feelings one relationship brings along and the time spent in building the relationship while accepting the sane and insane qualities of the partner and the aftermath that person endures who is just not as strong as you to bear the heartburn......i too have gone through heartbreaks and still continue to rake in the moolah, but with age and experience, i am getting wiser and practical but not completely, you know i can lie to myself but not to my lovely readers......but as a heart-heavy tormented teenager, nobody gave me out the ways to deal a heartbreak and i would doom myself with hunger, didn't bath for days altogether, listened to sad songs on that old tape-recorder,reacted erroneously with anyone who talked about any other's(third person's) break-up, wasted my treasured time mourning the withdrawal of my partner from my life but never found guts to move ahead till someone approached from the other side. Why is it so that some people find it too difficult to move over while others see such ease in to going ahead with "available" tag nailed on them....i have figured out some ways to help you ease out

Friday, 5 June 2015




An open and very different (cliche') girl ultimately falls in love with a man much older to her and marries him with exuberant expectations but after four years gets bored from her non-happening life and comes back to her native place to live her colorful life which she's habitual of......

Dear readers, Let's go step by step

1.Characteristics of Tanu:- a Delhi university graduate with a child like behaviour who doesn't bother about society, not even her parents.The protagonist lives in her Disneyland with a rowdy boyfriend and her only purpose of life is makeup,liquor, random traveling with anyone and unadulterated fun including dancing and singing.    

1. What were Tanu's expectations from her marriage

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

every woman is a leader in herself

Ever since the inception of understanding in my mind, it has been on a 24 X 366(leap included...why leave even one day.......it means a lot to a poky and curious mind like me) overtime duty to be critical,analytical and substantially unpartial; evolving and clearing the thought process, i have seen a striking contrast of actions and conversations in my vicinity, specific as well as general.....